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Conversations with Entrepreneurs

My name is Sam Solomon and I have conversations with interesting people. One day I decided to start recording them. Subscribe and never miss an interview.

Travis Truett

Travis Truett Profile

Travis Truett is the founder of Ambition, a sales productivity platform based around teams. Here Travis talks about having a healthy disrespect for authority, motivating millennials in the workforce, and his […]


Planetary Profile

Josh Gross and Matthew Ström are former freelancers that banded together to create Planetary, a studio empowering companies through better design. Their clients include Cannon, Jawbone, McKinsey and Google. Here we talk […]

Truthly Founder Alex Mark on Gaining Startup Experience

Alex Mark Truthly Profile

Alex Mark is a designer and the founder of Truthly, a health research aggregator. In this interview he discusses the best way to gain startup experience, searching for a co-founder […]

Jason Shen on Failure, Blogging and Ass-Kicking

Jason Shen Profile

Jason Shen co-founded Ridejoy, was a Presidential Innovation Fellow at the Smithsonian, is a NCAA National Champion gymnast and is the author of Winning Isn’t Normal. In this interview we talk about Ridejoy’s […]

Directing Films and Creating Backpacks with Jacob Hinmon

Jacob Hinmon Shoot

Jacob Hinmon is a filmmaker and entrepreneur. He is the founder of Four + One Productions and Collected Works. In this interview he discusses how he became a filmmaker, created a successful […]

How Jennifer Dewalt Built 180 Websites in 180 Days

jennifer dewalt portrait

Jennifer Dewalt is an artist that taught her self how to program by creating 180 websites in 180 days. She has been featured in publications such as Fast Company and […]

Samuel Hulick on User Onboarding

Samuel Hulick Portrait

Samuel Hulick is a user experience designer and runs He is currently writing a book called User Onboarding. In this interview he talks about common UX mistakes, Jobs-To-Be-Done, and […]

Michael Fitzgerald: Show Up and Keep Your Butt in the Chair

Submittable Michael Fitzgerald

Michael Fitzgerald is the CEO of Submittable, a submission management tool with clients such as Playboy and CBS. He is the author of Radiant Days. In this interview he talks […]

Scoutzie Founder Kirill Zubovsky on Eating Your Own Dog Food

Scoutzie Founder Kirill Zubovsky

Kirill Zubovsky is the founder of Scoutzie, an online marketplace that connects designers and clients. In this interview he talks about using your own product, the importance of exercise, and […]

Flywheel Co-founder Rick Knudtson on Humanizing Hosting

rick knudtson flywheel interview

Rick Knudtson is a co-founder of Flywheel, a WordPress hosting and management company built for designers. In this interview he talks about building a brand for startups, getting customer feedback, […]

Ooomf Founder Mikael Cho on Caring About the Problem

Mikael Cho Interview

Mikael Cho is the founder of Ooomf, which is an online marketplace that connects awesome projects with world-class designers and developers. In this interview he talks about creating successful side projects, and […]

Hull Founder Romain Dardour on Service vs. Product Companies

hull founder romain dardour

Romain Dardour is the Founder and CEO of Hull, an open platform for social applications. He also co-founded Creaktif, which is an award-winning creative studio located in Paris, France. In […]